Funding and cooperation opportunities from external partners

Career Development and Innovation

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    Biomedical Design Novo Nordisk Foundation Fellowship Program

     Is a 10-months full-time post graduate education. We engage and inspire skilled and talented professionals with a prior background in medicine, engineering, business, IT, design or alike to create value for future healthcare. The program is for both younger and senior researchers.

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    Research to Business at AAU

    In close coorporation with Open Entrepreneurship and Spin-outs Denmark, the Technology Transfer Office offers guidance to researchers, who are interested in turning their research into business – either by being a part of the process themselves or by passing on the idea to others.

    We have a wide range of offers that we adjust to suit your needs as a researcher.

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    The purpose of SPARK is to improve the translation of promising academic projects, thus increasing the chances that they end up as solutions and products for the benefit of patients and society. Researchers in the program become part of an international SPARK network that provides access to a wide range of industry experts in the role of mentors, as well as start-up capital, training seminars and international SPARK Summits. As AAU is a member of STARK you can apply for enrollment in the program or just follow some of the training seminars. 

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    School of Health Innovation

    The School of Health Innovation offers courses in innovation as a postgraduate program for the academic disciplines in the health and life sciences. The target group is researchers and clinicians at all levels – from PhDs to professors. The vision is to help researchers to become more entrepreneurial, strengthen the Nordic networks and enable knowledge sharing between different sectors, experts, and the Nordic regions. Our courses cover the entire entrepreneurial span from how to create business plans, develop prototypes and prepare pitches as well as financial aspects such as how to get funding, financial value, risk assessment and much more.

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Funding and Networking regarding Innovation and Cooperation with Companies

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    Danish Life Science Cluster (DLSC)

    Works to translate the unique Danish research and knowledge within life science and welfare technology into new and better commercial solutions for the benefit of companies, healthcare, municipalities, and citizens throughout Denmark. A significant factor for the success is the close public-private innovation collaborations between knowledge institutions, companies, municipalities, regions and the state (knowledge bridge). Through knowledge sharing and collaboration, the latest research and the healthcare sector's needs are translated into new competitive solutions that create the greatest possible value for both companies, healthcare, municipalities, and patients. DLSC offers a variety of programs, sparring and networking activities, which you can participate in as AAU is a member of DLSC.



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    Innovation Fund Denmark (Innovationsfonden)

    The Innovation Fund creates a good framework for the country's entrepreneurs, researchers, and companies, so that they can develop innovative and viable solutions to society's specific challenges.

    This applies to e.g., a better healthcare system, healthier food; a cleaner environment, a start-up adventure that is underway - and a whole lot more. The Innovation Fund offers several investment programs within the health area like for instance Grand Solutions, Innobooster, Innofounder, Industrial PhD and Postdoc etc.

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    Novo Nordisk Innovations Platform BETA.HEALTH

    Is a new national innovation platform that will annually distribute funds of up to DKK 15 million DKK for research-based innovation projects. All innovative clinicians from Danish hospitals can apply if they can document potential value creation for patients, staff, and society via research results. In this way, BETA.HEALTH will help to accelerate healthcare innovation in the Danish healthcare system, so that better treatments reach patients more quickly.

    Three types of grants can be applied for twice a year: BETA2 of DKK 250,000, BETA5 of DKK 500,000 and BETA10 of DKK 1 million. The criteria for obtaining the individual grant are stated on the website All selected projects become part of BETA.HEALTH's accelerator course, which lasts 6-18 months, depending on which grant you apply for. In order for researchers from AAU to be considered for the program, there must be a collaboration with a clinician from the hospital.


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    Platform for Health Innovation by the North Denmark Region

    Is a partnership between the North Jutland Region, the North Jutland municipalities and research and educational institutions with responsibility for health education, which will strengthen the cross-cutting collaboration to address significant societal challenges in the health area.

    The platform contributes to creating a healthcare system that provides the greatest possible value for citizens. The parties want to work together to promote the development of a healthcare system, characterized by high professional quality and efficiency. The efforts made on the platform, regardless of the specific content, will all be of such a nature that the problem to be solved cannot be solved sufficiently well and long-term by the individual actor alone, but only in a collaboration between the partners of the platform and external actors.

    The platform focuses on systemic and challenge-driven innovation and offers a framework for the relevant actors on programs and projects for the development and implementation of new solutions, including a facilitating financial framework. The platform occasionally offers programs in which researchers and students can be involved.


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    The BioInnovation Institute Foundation

    The BioInnovation Institute Foundation (BII) is an international commercial foundation with a non-profit objective supported by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. BII operates an incubator to accelerate world-class life science innovation that drives the development of new solutions by early-stage life science start-ups for the benefit of people and society.

    BII’s vision is to support world-class life science innovation that drives development of new solutions by early life science start-ups for the benefit of people and society.

    With continued positive development, The Novo Nordisk Foundation can provide up to EUR 470 (3,5 mia. DKK) to BII over 10 years to support early-stage life science projects and start-ups for the benefit of people and society. BII offers help to early-stage start-ups in health tech, bioindustrials and therapeutics. We have open calls biannually for our two programs VentureLab and Creation House.


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    The Innovative Health Initiative (IHI)

    Is a public-private partnership (PPP) between the European Union and the European life science industries. Our core goals are to translate health research and innovation into tangible benefits for patients and society and ensure that Europe remains at the cutting edge of interdisciplinary, sustainable, patient-centric health research.

    Any organization established in the EU, or a country associated to Horizon Europe is eligible to receive IHI funding. In practice, IHI funding primarily supports the participation in its projects of organizations like universities, research organizations, patient organizations, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and mid-sized companies. Depending on the type of call for proposals, larger companies may also be eligible to receive IHI funding. Details of who can receive funding is spelt out in the call texts.

    IHI call 1 is launched with topics on cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and health data.

    IHI call 2 is launched with topics on cardiovascular diseases and early feasibility studies.



Internal AAU Funding - Commercialization and Utilization

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    AAU Proof-of-Concept-program (AAU PoC)

    AAU PoC focuses on utilizing commercially promising research results and securing funding. Funding-wise, AAU PoC covers the gap in the value chain that arises between research results and either further research or commercial investment. AAU PoC is a commercially oriented instrument that has proven to be a revenue driver that has generated more external research funding than own funds have been used. In realizing AAU's potential for increased external revenue, AAU PoC helps to ensure the professional handling of utilization. Partly in relation to further development of projects and in relation to being able to account for the organization of the area in relation to possible funding sources.

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